Weekly Links 32/2012

  • MoMA | Century of the Child is a nice MoMA project website built completely with HTML5. Found it on Tina's blog.
  • Narratively is a digital platform devoted to original, true, and in-depth storytelling about New York, with plans to expand to additional cities.
  • Kornhausforum is a great address for good (mainly photography) exhibitions in Bern.
  • D*Face is from Britain. He creates art for galleries as well as street art. And he's really good at both of it.
  • Ljudbilden draws with his fingers on his iPhone with Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile app. He posts an iphone drawing a day on his blog (or at least he tries).
  • These Are Things is the website of Jen Adrion's and Omar Noory's design and illustration studio. It's awesome!
  • Foundry Collective is a branding and digital agency based in Dallas TX.
  • Priscilla Martins has a beautiful website. Which made me believe that her work is awesome too. And it really is.
  • Barcamp Omaha is the unusual model of a conference held in – apparently – Omaha. Speaking categories are technology, entrepreneur, creative. Too bad I'm that far away.
  • Pixelcase provides an aerial tour of the city that never sleeps (as well as other cities).
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120 Years Photografische Gesellschaft Bern @ Kornhausforum

Today was the last day of an exhibition celebrating the 120 years anniversary of Bern's photographic association (Photografische Gesellschaft Bern). The exhibition was held at the gallery of the Kornhausforum which is located in a library. The event featured some really impressing pieces whereof my favorites were created by:

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865art’ist Opening Tour with Jon LaDeau

Join us at the first gig of the 865art'ist opening tour.

Brooklyn's Jon LaDeau will be touring Switzerland for three weeks starting on August 14th on ONO Bern's stage.

Can't make it? Check the other tour dates. Full programme on 865art'ist website. More information on:



Facebook Event

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Weekly Links 31/2012

  • Martin Oberli creates beautiful digital things.
  • Urbanpeople sells nice apparel and stocks a good assortment of sneakers. Style-wise kinda like the little brother of Urban Outfitters.
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Reading Journal: July 2012

  • Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!) by George Lois (finished): It really is good advice. Will definitely come back to this to read a couple of pages every now and again.
  • Business Class: Geschichten aus der Welt des Managements (German) by Martin Suter: A Swiss classic; book series by world-famous Martin Suter with stories out of the business world.
  • YB MAG #3/2012 June: Magazine by football club Young Boys. Could be better but could be worse.
  • GUSTAVmag #22: Pretty Swiss urban influence magazine, published monthly in French and German.
  • Das Abenteuer Groundhopping geht weiter: Band 2 zu Stadion sammelnden Fussballfans (German) by Jörg Heinisch (unfinished): General information and loads of travel reports and stories by many (mainly German) groundhoppers.
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Weekly Links 30/2012

  • Mindvalley looks like an awesome place to work.
  • Einstoffen.ch sells nice apparel. I like the wooden sunglasses.
  • Tash Wong is a young digital designer based in New York with a quite impressive portfolio.
  • Tom Harman is a designer in New York City. Very impressive, too.
  • Year of the Robot is an image blog on tumblr with daily submissions of robots found on the internet.
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Weekly Links 29/2012

  • Wevther is a weather forecast website that displays pictures of clothes fitting to the current weather, linked to purchase them online.
  • GUSTAVmag is a Swiss urban influence mag. Their magazines are beautifully designed masterpieces with articles about urban art and design.
  • Photojojo sell all sorts of fancy photography-related stuff in their online shop.
  • Science & Sons design extraordinary gadgets.
  • Coroflot is an online platform for creatives to connect with each other, share their work and find jobs.
  • Yamatuti is a famous gift shop in Bern.
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Weekly Links 28/2012

This post was written by my brother Dennys who's studying in Seoul for half a year.

  • Gurtenfestival is an annual open-air music festival on Bern's local mountain (or hill) Gurten. The festival takes place from July 12 to 15 which is why it is linked here this week. I will be there.
  • Winter is a beautiful video with wonderful music by Zan Butler, shot during winter in Alaska.
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Weekly Links 27/2012

I'm a bit late, had loads of stuff to do this week thus far. But here we go for last week:
  • Trafik is a Lyon-based (France) creative studio, their work is outstanding. Also watch their creators profile …which led me to the next interesting project I wanna share with you:
  • The Creators Project is a "global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology", as they like to put it. They present portraits of individuals and companies in the creative field.
  • Palindrom is a creative agency that is active in a very broad field and has done some impressive work. Therefore worth a visit!
  • MMA Love is the first MMA podcast in Swiss-German language.
  • DIGITAS France is active in interactive marketing and creates some pretty cool stuff.
  • FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards and awards sumitted (submission is not free though) websites in several categories such as daily, monthly or yearly favourite website. You might also wanna visit FWA Photo where they post a photo (nice ones!) each day.
  • David Rousselle: Appealing Street Photography in Paris.
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During the time I spent in the Big Apple I collected a good many business cards from all sorts of people and businesses. Back home I glued most of them together and got this.


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