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Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood

Finally I came around to edit and upload the photos from Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Check out the result on my photo blog.

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Home Sweet Home?

So I'm back home now in cold Switzerland, with a huge lack of sleep and mixed feelings. I would have loved to stay in paradise for another week, month.. or longer. But then it's also nice to be back. The … Continue reading

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Hollywood, Key West

I went to Hollywood, Florida, yesterday. There wasn't that much to see and the beach was smaller but far more crowded than South Beach. Again I walked a lot, rested in some nice cafés and finally came back to Miami … Continue reading

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Coral Gables, Coconut Grove

Went to Coral Gables this morning and walked a lot. Nice houses that didn't look all that cheap and almost no people on the streets. I walked on to Coconut Grove and took a bus to Calle Ocho in Little … Continue reading

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Miami Art Museum

Today I went to Little Havana which was neither very impressive nor interesting. Therefore I did not stay too long and walked back to Miami Downtown to pay a visit to the Miami Art Museum. They are currently showing an … Continue reading

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Fort Lauderdale

Went to Fort Lauderdale yesterday. The two hour bus drive (it's about 50 kilometres) cost me four dollars. Actually it would've cost only $ 3.75 if I'd had change. We passed a huge parade of the fire and police departments … Continue reading

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Sleepless Night

Last night there was an art/culture kinda festival called Sleepless Night going on in big parts of Miami Beach. Concerts, art  exhibitions and a lot of other performances were sperad throughout the city. I went to a piano concert first and then on to … Continue reading

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CSI: Miami

The police line closes the area right in front of my hotel: Collins Avenue is closed between Espanola Way and 16th Street as is Washington Avenue. I was told that the shot was fired at the shop in the house … Continue reading

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Two new roommates (8th and 9th): Cesar from Ecuador who will stay for five days and Kevin from Fort Lauderdale who's only staying for one night. Relaxed, sunbathed and read a lot in the last few days. Next are a … Continue reading

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Missed the sixth roommate since he was only here for one short night. I was told he was an American who's complaining about his wife. And he left us some beer so he must be a nice guy. The seventh … Continue reading

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