Weekly Links 37/2012

  • Beautiful Maui timelapse by Cory Bruening.
  • Nice collection of photos to the topic levitation.
  • Argadol creates a very special kind of paintings, a mix of pop art and street art (quoted from GUSTAVmag).
  • Philippe Dudouit is a Swiss photographer currently active in documenting war scenes in Mali, Niger and Mauritania.
  • Hansje van Halem is a very inspiring graphic designer.
  • Great Video by Claire Dubosc and Alban Grosdidier. As for me, the part between 12:55 and 16:25 is beautiful.
  • Graphic Designer Ruben Feurer has got some impressive work on his site. He co-runs a highly inspiring blog called Superb.is. Beautiful photos and videos, great layout and nice short articles about traveling and more.
  • Fabian Keller does new media consulting and conception and is lecturing on September 28 at Creative Mornings Zurich (which is run by communication expert Daniel Frei).
  • Basislager is a colletion of container-based offices in a suburban Zurich neighborhood.
  • Profil1 is an innovative Zurich-based creative agency working for big national and international clients.
  • Great architecture by Masahiko Sato. Loads of awesome projects.
  • Robert Palmer is an internationally known graphic designer who creates amazingly colorful stuff.
  • Vanity of Man looks like a very promising book project.
  • Push Conference is a unique two-part event for the interactive field. push.ux connects designers and developers of outstanding user interfaces, while push.inspiration unites creative coders and designers experimenting with innovative technologies.
  • Mr. Onur is very creative in using all sorts of techniques and materials to create his work.
  • Yehteh is Philipp Dornbierer. Philipp is an illustration designer. He does great.
  • Amateur Magazine is an independent, artist driven print publication with an open eye on art, illustration, design, DIY cultures and streetwear. Just ordered the next three issues by subscription.

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