Weekly Links 36/2012

  • Existence is an amazing timelapse project by Michael Shainblum. Blow's mind!
  • Anna Garforth is very active in creating projects in a wide range of arts, doing a lot of work for public events, community projects, workshops and the like. On Tumblr.
  • Benjamin Béchet gained my attention with his series of pictures called Je suis Winnie l'Ourson in which he shows cartoon characters and similar popular heroes in odd and unexpected situations. One more artist I read about in GUSTAVmag.
  • Aurore Valade is a French photographer. She impressed me with her Italian renaissance series Ritratti Torino.
  • Adam Bartholl got some very interesting projects running.
  • Adrian Storey a.k.a. Uchujin is an impressive Tokyo-based freelance photographer and filmmaker.
  • Rradar is a platform for graphic designers. They call designers to send in their work whereof the best will be printed in a book.
  • The Drowning Project shows amazing pictures of drowning people. Alban Grosdidier wants to share the feeling one enjoys when diving their head underwater just to enjoy a few seconds of complete nothingness.
  • Philippe Barbosa is a Paris-based web designer and photographer. His new website is gonna be released soon, but his old one shows some of his great photos as well. I'm very impressed by his portrait work. Some more pictures can be found on his blog however he's not really blogging anymore it seems.

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