A Lot Going On

I haven't been posting too much lately. Nevertheless there is a lot going on here – which is actually why I don't find time to post things.

Today I'm gonna visit the International Center of Photography which is located in the heart of Manhattan. Thereafter, I'm attending Jon LaDeau's CD release show at The Way Station in Brooklyn. You might also wanna visit the website of a new art project called 865art'ist for more information about Jon Ladeau and other artists.

Yesterday I went to Washington DC, took me a little more than four hours to get there by Greyhound bus. The city really is quite nice and idyllic on some spots, especially on the waterfront. I guess I would not wanna live there though. Some photos coming in a coupla weeks.

I did so much more in the last weeks, like visiting the Museum of Natural History, pay a visit to the Little Red Lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge in the great New York neighborhood Washington Heights, have a look at The Cloysters with its beautiful gardens… any much more.

Also I'm gonna be back in Switzerland pretty soon. I will have tons of photos to arrange and process and publish on my photo blog as well as on my Facebook page. Keep visiting!

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