Black Keys @ The Garden

Last night I went to the exact opposite kinda show of the Bonaparte show the night before: The Black Keys at the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden. Even though they'd only announced The Arctic Monkeys as their supporting act for their concert on March 22 but not for last night they appeared to play a gig, too. Apparently this was a very nice surprise.

The concert was completely sold out since days… or rather weeks I guess. Anyway we went to The Garden to give it a try – and it was worth it. We got our tickets for the original price of 65 bucks each. We went it at something past eight when The Arctic Monkeys had already started. The atmosphere was really poor while they played which was partly because lots of people weren't there yet, partly because the light show and sound quality was much worse than in the main show and probably partly because a lot of people didn't know they were gonna play, too. Their music was still great though.

When The Black Keys started their performance the atmosphere in the arena was getting so much better. They performed a very solid show and people seemed to really like what they heard and saw. So did I. The light show and video animations were really nice, best part of it was the two big disco mirror balls at the end. It looked amazing, so many lights projected to the hugeness of The Garden.

So I've finally been in The Garden for the first time. I liked The Garden and I liked the music and i liked the show. But I guess I cannot say that I liked it better than the shows the night before at Mercury Lounge. posted about the concert in German, including a video of the encore at the end of the show

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