Restructuring… stay tuned!

Once again it's time (probably it's not, but in my opinion it is) for drastically restructuring, reorganizing and redesigning my websites.

So far there are the following sites:

The plans is to put this all together and reduce it to one single website. The focus will be on photos and better but less frequent blogging. And there will be some new downloads!

Work's just about to start, so it will take a while. But make sure to check back soon..!

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Weekly Links 38/2012

  • Form + Raum is a furniture store in the heart of Bern.
  • Kokoro & Moi is a creative agency delivering progressive concepts and ideas for the future with branches in Helsinki and New York.
  • The winners of this year's European Design Awards were selected. The award's website is pretty nice too.
  • Bangkok-based design agency Quali creates amazingly useless awesome-looking gadgets.
  • Beautiful photos to the topic Kids in Transit by Uwe Krejci.
  • The Take Frame Camera, very innovative!
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Weekly Links 37/2012

This post was written by my brother Dennys who's studying in Seoul for half a year.

  • Beautiful Maui timelapse by Cory Bruening.
  • Nice collection of photos to the topic levitation.
  • Argadol creates a very special kind of paintings, a mix of pop art and street art (quoted from GUSTAVmag).
  • Philippe Dudouit is a Swiss photographer currently active in documenting war scenes in Mali, Niger and Mauritania.
  • Hansje van Halem is a very inspiring graphic designer.
  • Great Video by Claire Dubosc and Alban Grosdidier. As for me, the part between 12:55 and 16:25 is beautiful.
  • Graphic Designer Ruben Feurer has got some impressive work on his site. He co-runs a highly inspiring blog called Beautiful photos and videos, great layout and nice short articles about traveling and more.
  • Fabian Keller does new media consulting and conception and is lecturing on September 28 at Creative Mornings Zurich (which is run by communication expert Daniel Frei).
  • Basislager is a colletion of container-based offices in a suburban Zurich neighborhood.
  • Profil1 is an innovative Zurich-based creative agency working for big national and international clients.
  • Great architecture by Masahiko Sato. Loads of awesome projects.
  • Robert Palmer is an internationally known graphic designer who creates amazingly colorful stuff.
  • Vanity of Man looks like a very promising book project.
  • Push Conference is a unique two-part event for the interactive field. push.ux connects designers and developers of outstanding user interfaces, while push.inspiration unites creative coders and designers experimenting with innovative technologies.
  • Mr. Onur is very creative in using all sorts of techniques and materials to create his work.
  • Yehteh is Philipp Dornbierer. Philipp is an illustration designer. He does great.
  • Amateur Magazine is an independent, artist driven print publication with an open eye on art, illustration, design, DIY cultures and streetwear. Just ordered the next three issues by subscription.
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Review: Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX, 11-16mm, f/2.8 for Canon

This post was written by my brother Dennys who's studying in Seoul for half a year.

I ordered my copy of the Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX, 11-16mm, f/2.8 for Canon on – one of Switzerland's leading online shops for camera gear – for 593 Swiss francs (~620$) and picked it up at the local post office just a few days later. It is a bit bigger and heavier than I'd expected it to be, but it seems to be built really solid, looks like great quality (just like mentioned in most reviews). And still it's not that heavy.

Anyway, I did some two short timelapse tests. The sunset one took me about 50 minutes to shoot, the moving stars thing was a little more than an hour and a half and the one with the moving clouds was shot in about 40 minutes. I've also shot some cityscapes and landscapes, and built some HDRs outta some of those.

The great aperture comes up to the high expectations I've had. Sharp at very low aperture, corners can be a tiny little bit soft sometimes. Colors look great as far as I can tell so far. I've had some difficulties with the auto-focus but I guess I'll figure that out soon. The AF is not too slow and I don't really give a damn about the noise it makes (still it's not the loudest AF).

The lens has quite a small focal range though this is no problem for me since I was actually looking for a wide-angle prime but found this to be the better choice.

Test shots: Bern, Switzerland (2012/09/10)

Timelapses: Vimeo

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Weekly Links 36/2012

This post was written by my brother Dennys who's studying in Seoul for half a year.

  • Existence is an amazing timelapse project by Michael Shainblum. Blow's mind!
  • Anna Garforth is very active in creating projects in a wide range of arts, doing a lot of work for public events, community projects, workshops and the like. On Tumblr.
  • Benjamin Béchet gained my attention with his series of pictures called Je suis Winnie l'Ourson in which he shows cartoon characters and similar popular heroes in odd and unexpected situations. One more artist I read about in GUSTAVmag.
  • Aurore Valade is a French photographer. She impressed me with her Italian renaissance series Ritratti Torino.
  • Adam Bartholl got some very interesting projects running.
  • Adrian Storey a.k.a. Uchujin is an impressive Tokyo-based freelance photographer and filmmaker.
  • Rradar is a platform for graphic designers. They call designers to send in their work whereof the best will be printed in a book.
  • The Drowning Project shows amazing pictures of drowning people. Alban Grosdidier wants to share the feeling one enjoys when diving their head underwater just to enjoy a few seconds of complete nothingness.
  • Philippe Barbosa is a Paris-based web designer and photographer. His new website is gonna be released soon, but his old one shows some of his great photos as well. I'm very impressed by his portrait work. Some more pictures can be found on his blog however he's not really blogging anymore it seems.
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Weekly Links 35/2012

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Reading Journal: August 2012

  • YB MAG #4/2012 August: Magazine by football club Young Boys. It's really always quite the same.
  • GUSTAVmag #23 (unfinished): Next issue of the Swiss urban influence magazine. Just got myself a subscription for the mag.
  • Das Abenteuer Groundhopping geht weiter: Band 2 zu Stadion sammelnden Fussballfans (German) by Jörg Heinisch (still unfinished): Still funny and interesting stories. Good lecture for Europa League travels.
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Weekly Links 34/2012

This week's links are…

  • Ghetto Agency is a booking and event agency with branches in Switzerland and Slovenia.
  • Tomorrow Was Yesterday is some friends' young and dynamic web development company. Loads of talent over there!
  • Greenstart accelerates startups at the intersection of cleantech and IT.
  • Great illustrations by Ben Tallon.
  • Room Copenhagen is a Danish design studio creating exciting, functional design.
  • Born in Sweden is its Swedish equivalent.
  • Amazing, sometimes provocative and offensive, photography in portrait, fashion, sports and landscape by Paul Ripke.
  • burn is an evolving journal for emerging photographers.
  • Lucie & Simon stands for great photography and videography.
  • Alfredo D'Amato is great in documentary photography.
  • Peter Yang is a highly talented photographer who mainly does portrait work.
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Weekly Links 33/2012

Loads of links this week. So many great people and things out there…

  • Frank Kunert creates super realistic and very strange models of public spaces. No Photoshop here!
  • sssquare is an online gallery that sells art in the pay-what-you-want way. Sounds interesting…
  • allink is a young creative agency which is active in web and brand design.
  • Fab 5 is a Belgian photographer who mainly shoots portrais of somewhat extraordinary people and creates kinda surreal pictures through editing them to Photoshop's limits.
  • Neighborwoods are hand-drawn and laser engraved maps made of wood by impressive designer Aymie Spitzer from the Brooklyn-based Hyperakt studio.
  • Area 17 is an interactive agency for a new era of people-technology-brand interaction with locations in New York and Paris. Good stuff!
  • Bekka Palmer is a dreamer, designer, maker, doer. And she does great.
  • Chad from Artistic Fury is a graphic designer and creative visual enthusiast born and raised in Southern California.
  • Fabienne Crot is the Queen of Design and creator of the awesome layout design of the GUSVAV mag.
  • Yatzer is your global online destination for fine and applied arts.
  • Trendsnow is a magazine about design, graphics, fashion and innovation.
  • Laura Laakso is a designer in visual communication. Her work looks really nice.
  • Karine Pfund is another visual communication designer who does great work.
  • And one more: She's Magdalena Budyn Schimpf and her blog is Visual Pudding.
  • Jessica Mbangila, designer, lifestyle addict, flaireuse de tendances, social photographer.
  • Tim Wood takes amazing pictures.
  • Contemporist is a celebration of contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel. Amazing stuff!
  • Laurent Nivalle is a great photographer!
  • Daniel Don Chang is a product designer doing some nice work.
  • Andrew Lewicki has some very interesting and extraordinary projects going.
  • Pulssart is Adrien Donot's portfolio. I love how he mixes different techniques to create his masterpieces.
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Travel Plans

Some updated travel plans…

  • August: Herning, Denmark.
  • September and on: If the Young Boys advance to the Europa League group stage I'm intending to visit whatever destination they will play at. If they won't play in the group stage, I'm probably gonna spend a coupla weekends in close-ish parts of Europe.
  • October: Five days in Amsterdam.
  • December: A coupla days in Berlin, Barcelone or some other European metropole. Travel on to Noo Yawk for a week or two.
  • January: Traveling in Southern America for a month, probably Ecuador and Peru.
  • Next summer: Two or three weeks in Sweden, probably by car.
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